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Model - ADB  Industrial Direct Drive Blower

Shipyard Tuff

Direct Driven Forward Curved Wheel Blower

Old School Heavy duty Blowers that are Shipyard Tuff

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  • • Industrial Direct Drive Blower
  • • CAST Aluminum
  • • LOW Pressure
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  • • Cast aluminum blowers are used for spot   cooling, cooling electrical equipment, and   smoke and fume removal
  • • Wheels are forward curved multi bladed   steel for high output and quiet operation
  • • Discharge is available in any of four   positions
  • • Blowers are available with carrying handles   and resilient feet on the motor base
  • • Flexible hoses, dampers, guards, etc. are   available upon request
  made in usa

Performance Data

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Accessories & Options

  • Flexible Hose - Sizes 4",6"and 8", 5 foot lengths.
      - Attach with stainless steel hose clamps.
  • Inlet & Outlet Guards - 1/2" meets O.S.H.A. requirements.
  • Bases - Call us for more info.
  • Flexible Arms - 3 types. Call us for info.
  • Inlet Filters - Call us.