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Model - ADP  Industrial Direct Drive Blower

Shipyard Tuff

High Pressure Direct Driven Cast Aluminum Blower

These direct-driven blowers are widely used for exhausting smoke, fumes, and dust where high pressure is required. Other uses may include food processing, chemical processing, and high pressure cooling and drying. Old School Heavy duty Blowers that are Shipyard Tuff

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  • • Industrial Direct Drive Blower
  • • CAST Aluminum
  • • HIGH Pressure
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Model ADP

  • • Cast aluminum blowers are available for   higher pressures and volumes.
  • • Furnished with cast aluminum housings   and cast aluminum radial wheels.
  • • HADP blowers feature all 3450 RPM   motors, industrial grade for continuous   operation. All sealed bearings never require   lubrication.
  • • Clockwise and counter- clockwise rotation   is available on most models with a choice   of discharge positions.
  • • Sizes 8" - 18" available
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Performance Data

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Discharge Positions


Accessories & Options

  • Flexible Hose - Sizes 8" to 18", 5 foot lengths.
      - Attach with stainless steel hose clamps.
  • Inlet & Outlet Guards - 1/2" meets O.S.H.A. requirements.
  • Bases - Call us for more info.
  • Inlet Filters - Call us.
  • • Blastgate cut-offs
  • • Special Coatings